Tuesday Evening Rhapsodic: Ratatouille

Over dinner the other night I mentioned my desire to see Ratatouille, the new animated film from Pixar and Brad Bird, the genius behind Iron Giant and The Incredibles. I pointed out that A.O Scott had nothing but raves, including the most-likely-oft-quoted "a nearly flawless piece of popular art." My dinner companions bristled at this, noting that: "The last time A.O. Scott waxed rhapsodic we ended up watching Miami Vice. We won't make the same mistake." I ended up seeing Ratatouille anyway, at the Ziegfeld no less!, and I have to say: OH MY WORD. It's a great film, full of hilarious physical comedy and foodie-ready good times. (After I saw the rat-protagonist make an omelet, I nearly fainted -- it was that realistic and gut-growl-inducing.) That's all I have to say. You all should go see it soon. Or invite me to see it with you. Whichever. You''ll love it.

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ks said...

saw it on your recommendation. thought it was great. also thought miami vice was great too though, so take that how you will.