Tuesday Morning Scolding: Internet Explorer? Really?

Our Sitemeter account allows us to see not only how many people have been checking out the blog, but also, somewhat creepily, what operating system they're on, their monitor resolution (no joke!), and what web browser they use. This is a pie chart detailing browser share: Before I proceed I'll quickly point out that MD (currently still away on the west coast) is the techie in this blogging pair; I have a sub-layman level of understanding of computers and things like RAM and XML. That said, I'm a little confused as to why 44% of our readers are still using some form of Internet Explorer. (And also: what's Konqueror?!) Unless you've got a Mac and use Safari, there's really no reason why you shouldn't be looking at this blog right now on Firefox. Seriously. So much better. Get on that, people. I expect to see a radically different pie chart by week's end.


Mean 3Monkey said...

As you have perhaps already discovered, Konqueror is a file/web browser for KDE, which is part of many Linux installs: http://www.konqueror.org/

I've never used Sitemeter, but I've been pleased with Google Analytics (analytics.google.com). Google doesn't really advertise it except to people who use AdWords, but it's free (unless you have absolutely massive site traffic) and pretty good.

ht said...

mean 3monkey: thanks re: konqueror! i've got to find a friend with linux so that i can check it out. i toured through google analytics, and i think the computer-confused part of me got irrationally freaked out by the tech language.