Hearsay: Other People's Awkwardness

When we started this blog, our intention was not necessarily to document only instances of the awkward -- though we're certainly no strangers to it (we're like awkward magnets, really). But now that a good chunk of our readership includes our friends, it has become a bit difficult to tell a good awkward story without appearing to also make fun of said friends. Aliases only get you so far; our readers are pretty astute. So, dear readers, a lot of moments that were probably awkward are going to remain un-blogged, until we can find some way to ensure that the more awkward we get, the likelihood of losing friends and readers drops to zero. That said, I'm perfectly content with -- and ethically unfazed by -- the idea of talking about other people's encounters with the awkward. In this installment: a couple of mini-vignettes recounting the morning after. I encourage you, dear readers, to send in your own (or others'!) anecdotes. PC and I were talking about unfortunate mornings of waking up, hungover, and suddenly realizing/remembering that there's someone in bed with you. And immediately panicking. The beauty of the morning after story is that it doesn't really matter how you got there. You're just suddenly there. Without any clothes on. The handful of times this has happened to me, I usually hope that there's a glass of water nearby; more often than not, I am wont to believe that when all else fails, drinking a tall glass of water will make the awkward go away. Or at least make it more explicable. Never works. PC: "I woke up, and she was laying there, awake, smiling at me. And then, very loudly, she started talking about Sex and the City. And how the writing was really amazing. I mean, Sex and the Fucking City? Really? All I could think was: what have I done?" The way TL tells the story, the only things you need to know for set-up is: he was drunk. He met a girl. "...And you know that Salvador Dali print, the one that certain people have in their dorm rooms because they think it's really trippy and cool, the one with the melting clocks? Yeah. I woke up and saw that on the wall above her bed, and the only thought I had was: Oh. No."

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