No One Belongs Here More Than Me, and Certainly Not You

I jest. But yes, in case anyone was wondering, I have in fact seen and read the Sunday Times' Book Review piece on the new Miranda July collection of short stories. I can't properly comment on the review or the book, as I do not possess a copy of said work. If anyone would like to lend me their copy, please write to us here at probablyawkward [at] gmail [dot ] com. No, seriously: If you lend it to me, I'll totally read it. My ongoing grumble-grumble about the quirk does not preempt my fundamental belief that one ought to, you know, read the book before one can sigh deeply and take the naïf to task. [above: the image on the opening page of the website for the book. no, i'm not kidding.]

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half-pint n-f said...

i haven't read it either but for some serious butt kissing of the month check this out.