The Office Pool

About six or seven weeks ago, when it looked like maybe, just maybe, Alberto Gonzales would be forced to resign from his post as Attorney General, KPC started a little office pool: when would he be Gone-zales? So people placed bets by writing down dates, and then scotch-taping quarters and a lone dollar bill to a sheet of legal pad paper. The winner would get a grand total of $3.88 (we work at an underpaying non-profit). My guess: sadly, May 24th. (I was feeling particularly optimistic.) Predictions ranged from late May to Election Day 2008. An X marks a date guessed and passed, a moment of hope come and gone. What started as a fun convergence of office camaraderie and a seeming sure thing has now become a monument to an administration's amazing ability to ignore public sentiment and Reason altogether. (White) House always wins, I guess. [addendum: Also pinned to the wall -- the deeply entertaining Moustache of Understanding.]

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