Better Than That Fancy Brunch You're About to Have

I cannot wax rhapsodic enough about the wonders of having one's first (and potentially only) meal of the day at the Red Hook ballfields. J.Slab over at Porkchop Express is much more thorough in his coverage (he's got individual reviews of each of the vendors, plus a handy map), so I'll just post a couple of photos from my sojourn yesterday with RZS -- click on any image to enlarge. We (along with his pals ECM and TF) skipped over the mammoth, coma-inducing huarache/quesadilla options, and stuck to smaller plates, sharing bites of each other's plates. A much better plan if one wants to 1. try a broader range of vendors' options, and 2. live to see the end of the day. We tried tacos from both the Martinez and Hernandez stands (bisteck and enchilada -- spiced pork -- tacos from each vendor), and finished them so quickly that I didn't get a chance to get a photo of the taco-sharing frenzy. (The Hernandez tacos won out in both bisteck and enchilada categories; their pork's got some nice texture and kick to it.) There was also a chicharones plate, which was something of a mistake -- fried pork rinds aren't exactly the best palate cleanser; that was followed by a lovely loroco flower & cheese pupusa, from the Lainez family stand (if you get that pupusa, ask nicely if they'll add jalapenos to it). The day's winner, however, was the Rojas Ecuadorian stand, which featured a spectacular mixed-seafood ceviche and a deeply satisfying meat empanada (and a fiery hot sauce -- you are forewarned!). The ceviche had a refreshing mix of lime, onion, and coconut milk, with loads of semi-raw seafood -- fish, calamari, octopus, and shrimp. An amazing way to start our Red Hook day. RZS decided to end the afternoon with one of their empanadas, which contained meat, hard boiled egg, and peppers -- so very, very good. What to do when you've had probably the best meal (and best two hours) of your day, and it's only 3 in the afternoon? Drinks at Brooklyn Inn and then hours of lazy Swedish lawn game-playing in Prospect Park, of course. Anyone who would like to partake in such a summer Saturday should contact me at their earliest convenience. I guarantee it'll be cheaper and more satisfying than those boring and overpriced eggs benedict you're about to consume.

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