It's Like I'm Getting Taunted by the Quirk

I've recently discovered a whole set of breathing exercises to help me work through varying levels of, and reasons for, anxiety. My coping methods whilst writing the most recent post on quirkiness involved slowing my breathing down considerably, and to just start to feel my heartbeat decelerate accordingly. It was a very calming experience, being able to write about that which I dislike so much while not getting too worked up, physiologically, about it. Sadly, such experiences don't work when one is caught off-guard, as I just was. While getting ready to leave the office, I noticed a NY Times review of some new film entitled Eagle vs Shark. Curious, I clicked on the link to the review. And then the rapid-fire breathing and heartbeats returned like I had never learned a thing. The headline of the review: Quirky Boy Meets Quirky Girl: It's Animal Attraction. You can read the rest of the review yourself. The moment that killed me: "[t]he story ... is a small, intermittently charming, sometimes tiresome celebration of quirkiness, complete with cute animated sequences featuring apples and ants." Jesus. I look forward to all of this imploding very, very soon. My heart can't take this anymore.

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