Crimes Against G-d: Eagle Vs. Shark

I know someone who's been involved with advertising for this film, so I have had months and months and months to hate it. Check out the website if you think you can handle quirk that even churns my stomach. And if you're still standing, take the "team eagle vs. team shark" quiz. Just don't accidentally try to murder the creative team. I know a guy, and he doesn't deserve it. He hates the movie too. Quiz question example: (It's like Quirk madlibs) Item Most Likely to be Found in Your Possession A.) Guitar B.) Candle C.) Nunchucks D.) Hula Hoop Ummm E.) Projectile vomit and disgust

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ht said...

[cringe] apparently i, like lily (the female lead), am a shark. [/cringe] ...trying to remember my breathing exercises.