Things That Are Homophobic: So You Think You Can Dance

Let's be real: A lot of male dancers are homos. Then this show comes on that pairs these guys up with women every week and then criticizes them for "not vibing" with them. A contestant was asked last week "What do you think about this girl next to you?" Fey bottle-blonde dude says unconvincingly, "She's hot." Once he's given the right answer he's allowed to nervously get off stage, trying to remember next time to pretend harder that he's hot for someone he's not attracted to. Nigel (the host, a blonde, cut-rate Simon Cowell knockoff) frequently criticizes male performers for being "effeminate" and girly, to the point of choreographed fights and belittlement. If So You Think You Can Dance is trying to push the choir boys back in the closet, they have a hard road ahead of them. I wish them the worst of luck.

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