Reviewing the Previews: Scion's Little Deviants

I am often unable to truly enjoy movies because something offends me during the previews and I get distracted writing angry screeds in my head, and before I know it I've almost missed the opening credits (usually the best part of any film). So when HT and I decided to get to Live Free or Die Hard early so we can get a good seat, I know we're in for trouble. HT, meanwhile, is excited to catch "The Twenty." I don't have the heart to tell her that's only in Loews and we're in a Regal. [MD: Research has just proven me wrong, it is in fact only shown in Regals with digital projectors. Also, its proper name is "The 2wenty."] After watching a little animated Lego man run around Mars, we're treated to a commercial featuring animated grey "Sheeple" walking around a depressing urban landscape... suddenly, down from windows, up from the sewers, and out of the alleyways spill these tiny monstrous trolls, "the little deviants." At first, I assume it's an outgrowth of SanDisk's (largely unsuccessful) iSheep campaign, but I realize I'm wrong as a Scion pulls up and the Little Deviants start to tear the Sheeple limb from limb -- one wears a sheeperson as a skinsuit, and another throws a decapitated head on the bright-red Scion AS A HOOD ORNAMENT. Just watch below. I was so horrified and confused I was in a haze until the movie started which, all things considered, was probably for the best. To try your hand at killing Sheeple, please visit The Book of the Deviants from Scion. A car company who cares.


Geoffrey said...

Looking for something interesting to read this summer?



ht said...

In the future we're going to delete blog spam like what you see in the comment above, but we're currently thrilled that the spam suggests we've made it to the next echelon of blog pollution.

social epidemiology said...

OK, to my great shame I not only clicked on the link, but followed it to its conclusion. [My excuse...maybe that I am supposed to be writing a great deal and anything that isn't that is extremely compelling, and just the curiosity to see what kind of lameness would come next.] I thought, in case you had been reasonably disgusted at the opening and not continued through the rest, you should know how it concludes

"One more location to go. You must bring the deviant factory to life to end the grey sheeple reign. Now the sheeple will live up to their fullest potential. Identical pieces make for perfect cogs in the grand machinery of true creativity. And their blood is the ideal lubricant."

OK leaving aside the gross factor...I am fascinated that this grand celebration of deviance in the name of ripping conformity into blood and guts ends with the idea that the lifeblood of conformists can bring the factory of deviance to life....the conformists will be cogs in the deviant machine! and when you win, the machine comes to life and spits out? you guessed it, identical little scions. There are all kinds of things to say about Marx and commodities and labor and production and durkheim and deviance and it makes my head explode.

Does that make me a sheeple?

ht said...

i don't think that makes you a sheeple ... but would you want to be a little deviant?

and also then: does this grand finale suggest that little deviants are part and parcel of the culture industry? are they just little saboteurs who manipulate sheeple in order to simply maintain the status quo? what's the point then? is toyota/scion simply just advocating violence for the sake of violence, if the end result is the ongoing unfolding of industry? or are they suggesting that violence actually enables true creativity? but if true creativity is simply increased production of the same....

oy. now my head is exploding.