Collective, Unconscious: Field Reports from the Quirk War

Sigh. It's like New York City itself has decided to pick a side in the Revenge of the Quirk. 1. For inexplicable reasons, the Landmark Sunshine Cinemas is showing both Eagle vs Shark and Amelie this week. Amelie. You could watch EvS and just stroll over to the neighboring screen and watch Audrey Tautou and her ridiculous gnomes and spoons and shit. Because that's exactly how I'd love to spend my Saturday afternoon. 2. Just weeks after the "A Night Out With" Becky Stark debacle in the NY Times Sunday Styles section, today's ANOW features members of the New Zealand quirk mafia: the director and stars of Eagle vs Shark. They drink at the Delancey! They date each other! "The first rule of Flight club is, you don’t pass up an opportunity to make a delicious fool of yourself." Okaaaay. 3. MD, AH, and I wandered through the Renegade Craft Fair today, and I've got one word for you: Cephalopod. Yes, my friends, it's true: owls are so late-2006. Right now, you're not showing your true quirk unless you're wearing your squid on your sleeve. Mark my words. Sigh.

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more mad said...

it sucks being sober...i got nothing. cute squid though.