This Week in Awkward: Photo Week

There are many things HT and I have in common: a love of red meat, an appreciation of a good ruin, and a hatred of... well, pretty much everything else. But one thing truly unites us: Both HT and I utterly lack depth perception. Pitching, hitting, catching, horseshoes -- these things are all lost on us. I believe this might be one reason for our love of photography. The world is already flat and out of focus for us, and a camera lets us find the third dimension with a low f-stop and narrow depth of field. Diopters make the world a little less fuzzy. Perhaps most importantly, cameras give us one more excuse to step outside the moment, pin it like a butterfly and analyze it later at our leisure. This week is devoted to our love of photography and the moving and still image: HT will discuss one of her favorite photographers from a critical theory perspective, and I'll be addressing another camera jockey from my more visceral perspective. Then HT and I will share our favorite image sources on the web and I'll be writing a love letter to my new camera. Oh, Nikon D40x I love you so. [ht adds: We've had a soft opening of sorts for a couple of weeks now, but with Photo Week, we'd like to officially introduce you to our Picasa slideshow (situated on the sidebar to the right). It's got photos of just about everything we've seen/eaten/smirked at since we started the blog. Enjoy!]

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