Tasty: Momofuku Ssäm Bar

There's absolutely nothing I could write about Momofuku Ssäm Bar that a bazillion foodies haven't already waxed rhapsodic about. Well, there's one unique thing I could tell you: I finally went there. (Thanks, RZS, for being such a gleeful dining companion.) And it was glorious. You gotta love a place that states very baldly on its menu that its food is not vegetarian friendly. RZS and I decided to go all out: absolutely awesome spicy squid and celery salad was followed by manila clams, grilled pickled baby corn, rice cakes, and chinese sausage and greens in a bacon dashi broth (yeah, you read that right: bacon dashi, my friends). Then a rapturous banh mi sandwich with a terrine of ham, veal headcheese, and chicken-liver paté. And finally, the restaurant's signature Ssäm: an Asian burrito of sorts with shredded Berkshire pork, kimchi, onions, and edamame. By that point I had hit the dreaded wall of food coma. But no matter: consuming pork fat in such innovative and myriad incarnations was totally worth it. I'd tell you that I'm going back for more, but I don't know how long I'll remain completely incapacitated. [Click on image above for exquisite detail. Oh: if there's any flaw to be noted, it's that the wines by the glass are a touch pricey. Stick with the beer options, methinks.]

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