Photo Week: Where We Go To Stare

There are all sorts of places online that feed our ocularcentrism. Here are our favorites: [ht] * Tastespotting. A compilation of food porn, submitted by amateur photogs (with links back to their own blogs/sites). * Runs With Scissors' Looking Through and Back set on Flickr. Some great, oldskool pics of life in NYC. * nikolai_g's spacetime set on Flickr. Lovely pinhole photography that never fails to make me sigh. * The Lomographic World Archive site. Lomo cameras produce some of the most amazing photos I've ever seen. The color/light variations are otherworldly. (I gotta get me a Lomo!) [md] I am so predictable (ruins, ruins, ruins): * Dead Machinery * Urban Decay * Rural Ruin * My friend Matt's travel photography (links forthcoming) ["old columns" photo taken by Grant Edwards, from the Lomographic World Archive site (id no.70043994)]

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