My dog ate my blog entry OR what I did this week

Last week I tried to change us into a filter blog. This week, I move to a LiveJournal style I didn't post this week, despite having the best of intentions and a half-written entry about my beautiful d40x. These are the things that sabotaged me: Friday the 13th: The roofie bartender at Urge (my homolocal) got me really drunk before I met up with AH, resulting in a one-ended fight, at least until I passed out. Saturday the 14th: We made up. Numerous times. Then I went home to discover they were tearing the bricks off my building to create a "brownstone" and that we would be woken up early for construction for the next month. Later, I wrote about the amazing Benjamin Tiven while AH slept. Sunday the 15th Exhausted from the last two days, I went to bed early, but then woke up every hour due to construction stress and the fact that on ... ...Monday the 16th I had an early morning meeting scheduled to discover if I would still have a job after my project term ended at the end of August. The meeting is cancelled but I discover I MIGHT be moving into a senior position involving extensive travel and tripled responsibilities. Then I end up at a party for AH's roommate and don't get to sleep until 2. Tuesday the 17th I am not sure what happened this day. I was asleep but moving. Wednesday the 18th Manhattan explodes and I have 9/11 flashbacks as I am texted, IMed, and called with conflicting reports and care for my threatened well-being. Thursday the 19th I learn I DO have a job, salary and title TBD, and a lot more work. So I buy an iPhone to celebrate and vanish into its tiny beautiful screen. And then my roommate tells me he wants me out by September 1 so he can move his best friend in. Friday the 20th I wake up every hour on the hour worrying about housing. NOW I publicly apologize. Mea Culpa. Next week, I'll be prolific. I swear.

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