MD & HT's Excellent Wedding Adventure: Teaser Trailer

This: Led to this: And discussions about the following topics:

  • Is a nice East Coaster the same as a West Coat douche?
  • What's in a screwy slut?
  • Why are people so wrong? Is it because they think they're so right?
  • Don't get me wrong... I'd live on sweetbreads if it was an option, but why in G-d's name would anyone eat scrapple?
  • What passes for a public intellectual in 21st century America?
  • Don't you think giant robots would love to parkour along that overpass?
More to follow tonight and in the remainder of the week. If anyone has a photo of me and HT dirty dancing to Sexy Back, can you please forward it along? [ht adds: I'm not a vain person, but I'd like to point out that I'm infinitely more attractive than that 'zombie diner' photo suggests. Honest. I'm even drinking decaf in that photo!]

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Asad said...

She is. Way more.

Suggestion for new blog: larger typeface for post content. Serif-free would be cool. Are you guys changing software platform?