A Two-Minute Object Lesson in Weather-Appropriate Fashion

It's Saturday afternoon. You've decided to head down to the Red Hook ballfields to enjoy some of the tasty treats offered by Latin American food vendors that have set up shop. It's somewhere in the vicinity of 80-85 degrees outside. What do you wear? Quesadilla-buying stranger on the left knows the score. Quesadilla-buying stranger on the right: I don't know what's going to happen first -- you dribbling grilled meat juices down the front of your weather-inappropriate sweater vest, or you realizing that since you can't exactly wrap a sweater vest around your waist, when the weather hits 90 degrees, you're going to be stuck sweating in it. Unless you're going to a craft fair, or over to McCarren Park Pool to catch a show, there is absolutely no reason for your wool/acrylic-blend silliness. You're about to enjoy a wondrous meal for under $5. It's not a fashion show (or North Brooklyn), my friend.

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