The Road to Hell: Waitress

Today PK and I went to Cobble Hill Cinemas to see The Waitress, actor/director Adrienne Shelley's last film before her untimely death at the hands of an irate construction worker. About an hour into the film the dialog is replaced with a repetetive clicking/thumping sound, almost like a heartbeat; as this scene takes place during a sonogram I assume it's an odd but acceptable choice for an odd yet acceptable film. After a few minutes we realize the film is actually broken and then we're refunded our ticket prices and told the movie will not be shown again for the rest of the day. As we leave, PK says to me "That film was oddly reflective of Adrienne Shelley's life." All the things I can think are somewhat unkind: "Cute and precious but not reaching its full potential?" "Unintentionally breaking the fourth wall and playing to the camera?" "Only notable due to the unfortunate nature of her death?" "Why?" I ask. "It was prematurely cut short."

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