Burger Night: Epstein's Bar

There's not much to say about Epstein's Bar, down in the Lower East Side, other than its slightly horrific pun, and the fact that it's got some good Sunday and Monday night deals. Sunday nights are 2-for-1 burgers ($7), and Monday nights involve $5 burgers, 25-cent wings, and $3-$4 drink specials involving liquor that I'd never consume, no matter how cheap. MD and I partook of the wings (decent), and ordered a couple of burgers. And ... they were fine. Could've been juicier. A bit on the overdone side. Fries were of the generic Sysco variety, but were nonetheless pretty good. All in all -- eh. But cheap! Completely overshadowing the meal was the conversation that ensued. A brief glimpse into what we're like when we're all burgered up (and beer cans aren't flying at us): MD: If everyone did things with a clear logical motivation the world would be a better place. HT: If everyone did that there would be no love. MD: Well there'd be something LIKE love.

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