Another Reason to Love Philadelphia

Maybe it's because I haven't eaten yet today, and it's nearing lunchtime. Maybe it's because I miss Philly, which I sometimes regard as my second or third hometown (depending on how generous I'm feeling towards Ithaca), since it's where I spent my formative years not understanding Walter Benjamin. Or maybe it's simply because I can't resist these sorts of things. But today, via Cho-Tabetai, I learned of the Philly Taco. And suffice it to say, I really, really want one. I mean, how can you go wrong with a cheesesteak wrapped inside a slice of pizza? I'm sure it helps considerably to be inebriated, but still .... I live across the street from the unfortunately named Cheesesteak Factory, and near one of the best places in the city to get a late-night slice. I'll report back to you this weekend.

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md said...

Weekend trip when we get back. There was some other Philly Phenom we needed to research, right?


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