Because Who Doesn't Want to Whoop Someone Else's Ass for Me?

It occurred to me today, while sitting in the dreaded middle seat on a jetblue flight to Los Angeles, that a majority of the non-contributing readers of this blog are architects. Asian architects. I have no profound theory about why this is the case, but to FT, CC, and the rest of my merry architecting readers from the Orient, hello! You have reminded me that my presence in Los Angeles over the next few days means that I will be missing this probably very insider-y but still very insightful convergence of thinking/building types at Postopolis, a five day conference-slash-meeting-of-the-architecturally-inclined-blogging-minds, hosted by the Storefront for Art and Architecture. Ongoing discussions of architecture, urbanism, landscape, and design will ensue! Live blogging! There might be some military historians in the house! Lebbeus Woods! Crazy Mark Wigley! Lawrence Weschler! A DJ! Anyone who thinks they might be the slightest bit interested in such an affair should wander past Kenmare street and report back to me. I am very sad to be missing it. It would've given me the opportunity to potentially spar with one Jeff Byles, the author of Rubble: Unearthing the History of Demolition; many moons ago, he wrote a piece on ruins in The Believer, and to this day I still get a little tense whenever I think about how asinine it was. And so now I'm sad that I won't get to attend Postopolis and verbally whoop his ass. So to all you architects and/or folks interested in architecture and/or folks interested in intellectually sparring with Jeff Byles in my stead -- please head over to the Storefront and let me know how it goes. Intelligent, multidisciplinary, polymediated discourse on urbanism seems sort of hard to come by these days. [And if you can't/won't make it, then you can do what I've had to do, and just read the live blogging itself: City of Sound, BLDG BLOG, Inhabitat, and Subtopia, the four blogs that curated the goings-on. Enjoy!]

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